CORE offers technical assistance to Practitioners (including design engineers, technicians, installers and operators) on aspects related to improving safety, efficiency and reliability of decentralised electrification projects; Communities (especially women) on productive use of electricity; and to Governments on enhancing the policy and regulatory framework in support of decentralised electrification.

This technical assistance can take the form of:

  • Developing training courses
  • Training of trainers
  • Developing technical guides and manuals
  • Supporting governments with experts to work on policy and regulatory frameworks

CORE can provide this technical assistance either through tailored technical assistance or in the framework of ongoing (or planned) projects implemented with donor funding.


Jens Jaeger

RES4Africa Foundation

CORE supports the delivery of RES4Africa Foundation’s Microgrid Academy and Advanced Training Courses (ATC) underpinning the development of a skilled workforce in the DRE sector.
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Department of Alternative Energy Development & Efficiency, Thailand

CORE provides technical support to the design and implementation of the national training and certification programme
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CORE is excited to announce a new partnership with the Transforming Energy Access Learning Partnership which aims to support with the delivery of university-level energy access trainings
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CORE collaborates with GN-SEC to deliver on-demand technical trainings and regional certification programmes for governments, practitioners and communities at regional and national levels
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Philippine Department of Energy

This local training is led by UNDP and the Philippine DOE through the Renewable Energy Management Bureau and the Iloilo Provincial Government with support from International Copper Association and CORE.
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