Position Paper

CORE Position Paper

CORE was established to address the immense capacity building and technical assistance needs to support the development of DRE systems as a means to achieve the SDGs

Training Material

USAID: Mini-grid Support Toolkit

The toolkit is organised into modules, each of which presents recent learning and experience on a critical area relating to mini-grids

Training Material

AfDB: Mini-grid Training

The Green Mini-grid Help Desk provides complete information for developers and policymakers of green mini-grids in sub-Saharan Africa

Training Material

NREL: Quality Assurance Framework for Mini-grids

The QAF for mini-grids aims to address some root challenges of providing safe, quality, and affordable power to remote customers via financially viable mini-grids

Training Material

SEIAPI: Off-grid PV Power Systems - System Design Guidelines

This guideline supports solar installations that are off-grid with all energy supplied from solar photovoltaic modules

Training Material

endev: PV Mini-grid Installation: Dos & Don'ts

This practice manual was written as a recommendation to improve and standardise the quality of existing and planned off-grid PV mini-grid installations