Activities for Communities

CORE supports rural and peri-urban communities with capacity building to kick-start local micro-enterprises powered by decentralised renewable energies.

Collaboration with ADEME on awareness-raising campaigns and trainings

CORE collaborates with the French Agency for the Ecological Transition (ADEME) to deliver awareness-raising campaigns and trainings on productive use of renewable energy in Benin and Cameroon. The awareness campaign is designed to inform local stakeholders, in particular farmers and rural communities, about the various advantages of equipment for productive use of renewable energy. 2023:

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Increasing local communities’ resiliency and empowering women

The long-term sustainability of DRE systems in peri-urban and rural communities is intrinsically linked to economic development through productive uses of electricity. Productive uses of electricity are agricultural, commercial and industrial activities, powered by renewable energy sources, which generate income for local communities. Increasing productive uses of electricity creates a win-win scenario for DRE companies, […]

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As an entrepreneur active in rural Kenya, CORE provides us with valuable support to train rural communities. This in turn increases local expertise and provides additional opportunities for socio-economic development.

Norah Magero
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