Increasing local communities’ resiliency and empowering women

The long-term sustainability of DRE systems in peri-urban and rural communities is intrinsically linked to economic development through productive uses of electricity. Productive uses of electricity are agricultural, commercial and industrial activities, powered by renewable energy sources, which generate income for local communities.

Increasing productive uses of electricity creates a win-win scenario for DRE companies, rural and peri-urban entrepreneurs, communities, national utilities, and governments. Firstly, it secures revenues and increases margins for DRE companies, as customers will have more money to pay for electricity. This enhances the financial viability of DRE projects. Entrepreneurs and small businesses also benefit from switching from expensive diesel generators to affordable and more sustainable electricity, which also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Communities and government benefit from the creation of new jobs and increased economic activity enabled by reliable electricity.

Photo credits: UNEP