Call for expert to deliver training of trainers on mini-grid technical system design, procurement & installation in Ghana

TEA-LP is a partnership of universities committed to delivering local professionals to drive the transition to sustainable energy access for all. TEA-LP has supported eight universities across Africa to develop new postgraduate curricula, that vary, in discipline and content, across universities, aiming to respond to the market needs of this rapidly growing sector in their […]

Call for expert(s) to deliver training on mini-grid system design in Philippines

26 September 2023 – CORE is seeking one or several experts to deliver the training workshop to the National Electrification Administration of Philippines (NEA) in December 2023 and subsequently supervise the training conducted by NEA for electric cooperatives in January 2024. The training will focus on solar hybrid mini-grid technical system design, including renewable energy […]

Appel à experts pour la formation de formateurs sur les mini-réseaux solaires au Sénégal

26 September 2023 – Dans le cadre du développement de formations des formateurs à l’Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar (ESP), CORE est à la recherche d’un expert pour mener à bien une formation de formateurs (FdF) sur la conception de systèmes, l’approvisionnement et l’installation de mini-réseaux. La formation des formateurs devrait avoir lieu en personne […]

Call for experts to develop DRE training material for training-of-trainers

CORE Initiative is seeking one or several experts to develop training packages to be used by CORE experts for training-of-trainers across Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. The target audience for these training courses are university and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) lecturers that are identified on a case-by-case basis. The lecturers trained by CORE will […]

CORE concludes Training of Trainers on Solar Home System electronics at Kigali Independent University

CORE successfully concluded a comprehensive Training of Trainers programme on solar home system (SHS) electronics. Held from 5 June to 16 June 2023, at the Kigali Independent University, the training equipped 10 lecturers with valuable insights and skills in teaching SHS electronics and coding. The training programme, organised by CORE, aimed to enhance the capacity […]

Call for experts and media coordinators for Productive Use of Renewable Energy Campaign in Benin, Cameroon & Madagascar


29 June 2023 – ARE and ADEME are collaborating on three projects to advance the transition to renewable energy in sub-Saharan Africa. The projects include a market study on equipment for productive uses powered by renewable energy (PURE) in Cameroon, Benin and Madagascar, an awareness-raising campaign on the benefits of equipment for PURE in Cameroon, […]

Call for expert to conduct assessment report for DRC

29 June 2023 – CORE is an international initiative with the mission is to enable resilient rural and peri-urban communities by ensuring safety, efficiency and reliability become the cornerstone of decentralised electrification. CORE is seeking an expert to identify training partners and opportunities for CORE in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This may for example […]

GEAR seeks two experts to identify energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy grid integration projects

13 June 2023 – The “Grid Efficiency and Resilience” (GEAR) is an international initiative focused on electricity grid maintenance and efficiency improvements in emerging markets. The aim of GEAR is to maximise the amount of electricity delivered to end-users accelerating socio-economic development without increasing emissions. Additionally, the experts, in close collaboration with ARE, will identify […]

Solar energy quality infrastructure for East & West Africa and Pacific islands

8 May 2023 – Quality infrastructure has become a critical success factor for the uptake of solar energy technology markets in many developing countries, particularly in least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS). Solar product and service quality standards build trust among consumers, suppliers and financiers regarding the performance, durability and safety […]

Training of trainers at the University of Gulu in Uganda

21-23 March 2023 – The objective of the training was to provide training to trainers on Mini-grid Network Systems for the University of Gulu, Uganda. Sessions delivered during 3 days of in-person training: A total of 12 participants took part in the training. Students, lecturers and teaching assistants from Gulu University took part in the […]