Call for expert to deliver mini-grid system design, installation and O&M training for youth STEM leaders in Sierra Leone


11 March 2024 – The STEM Training Programme, initiated in 2023 as part of the FCDO-funded hospital electrification project in Sierra Leone, saw the recruitment of 12 trainees over six months.

Participants gained hands-on experience through activity-based technical and soft skills training on off-grid electrification. Building on the success of this pilot, SEforALL extended similar opportunities to young women graduates, focusing on energy transition planning, energy efficiency and cooling in Ghana and Kenya. Specifically designed for young women aspiring to thrive in sustainable energy careers, this programme offers practical, job-relevant skills. Its overarching goal is to empower participants with the necessary tools to pursue employment opportunities in target countries, with the initial cohorts already demonstrating positive outcomes.

With the joint objective to advance sustainable electrification, achieve SDG-7 and advance the clean energy transition globally, CORE and SEforALL are partnering to conduct training for 12 young STEM leaders in Sierra Leone.

The training will focus on DRE mini-grid technical system design, installation and operations & maintenance.

CORE is seeking one expert to deliver the trainings in April 2024.

The envisaged training will be conducted in-person in Freetown, Sierra Leone over three days.

Deadline: 18 March 2024